Start your adventure with ARLU...

We talk a lot about our fabulous rum and creative ways to use it, but we thought we’d give you a reminder of what ARLU is all about so you can really get to know us!

We were created with a sense of energy and exploration. Born to shake things up, ARLU is made to never blend in.

Last year, our founders Mark Smallwood and Liam Manton spotted a gap in the market for bold and punchy flavours. They knew something had to be done, so they set out to create something new. The result? An energetic, expressive and creative new rum brand that mixes big-hitting flavours with a brave aesthetic.

So what are we really about?

For us, it’s always about that punch of taste, passion and adventure. We want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones to explore electrifying new ideas and possibilities. It’s about creating new memories and that adventure starts with ARLU.

We bring the flavour, you start the adventure – but what are flavours are we bringing?


Original Spiced:

This one is the base of all our punchy flavours. Made with demerara sugar, it’s naturally sweet. Enjoy a taste of vanilla, fudge, butter and cardamom in one delicious hit!

We love pairing this flavour with a simple classic: cola. That’s why we put it in a can, so you can enjoy it too!


Passionfruit & Mango:

Holidays are a tricky thing these days, so if you’re after a tropical escape without touching your passport – here it is! Enjoy a natural sweetness with a bold and tangy twist in this, our fruitiest rum yet.

We love serving this in a mojito, for a delicious twist on a classic cocktail. Discover our ready-to-drink Passionfruit Mojito in a can, available to buy now!


Blood Orange:

This flavour is reserved for the adventurous, are you up for it? Blood oranges are tart yet sweet, not quite unlike a raspberry. When paired with the butteriness of our base rum, it makes for a citrus kick with a warmth. It’s a big whack of flavour, so be prepared for a kick in the tastebuds.

The citrus notes in our blood orange rum work pair well with the spice of ginger, so what better than mixing it with ginger beer? Don’t worry, we’ve already done the work and mixed up this special cocktail for you! Bar-quality and ready to drink, this combo is available in a can now online.


We know. It sounds like a bit of you, doesn’t it. Go on, get involved and start your adventure.

Shop now at Or come and chat with us @arlurum on Instagram and Twitter. Welcome to the unknown!

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